Two Rivers Leadership Visit to St Paul’s Erbsville and St Peter’s Heidelberg

We do ministry well when we do it together! #myELCIC #ESynodELCIC Two Rivers Ministry Area Dean Elina Salonen visited the congregations of St Paul, Erbsville and St Peter, Heidelberg during a joint worship service, celebrating music ministry. She listened to their stories of how these congregations nourish their faith, sought their ideas for shared ministry and encouraged their participation in Two Rivers Ministry Area activities. Thanks be to God for our partnership in this ministry Christ has given us and which blesses us all! 13096340_936200056498734_7542792913771864746_n#myELCIC #ESynodELCIC 13103283_936199996498740_3754654686524907085_n 13133329_936200029832070_8461677744404120574_n 13133358_936200043165402_5565554324603454364_n 13151523_936200006498739_140829166707531654_n