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Wading in the Water – March 2017


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Two Rivers Leadership Visit to St Paul’s Erbsville and St Peter’s Heidelberg

We do ministry well when we do it together! #myELCIC #ESynodELCIC Two Rivers Ministry Area Dean Elina Salonen visited the congregations of St Paul, Erbsville and St Peter, Heidelberg during a joint worship service, celebrating music ministry. She listened to their stories of how these congregations nourish their faith, sought their ideas for shared ministry and encouraged their participation in Two Rivers Ministry Area activities. Thanks be to God for our partnership in this ministry Christ has given us and which blesses us all! 13096340_936200056498734_7542792913771864746_n#myELCIC #ESynodELCIC 13103283_936199996498740_3754654686524907085_n 13133329_936200029832070_8461677744404120574_n 13133358_936200043165402_5565554324603454364_n 13151523_936200006498739_140829166707531654_n

TWO RIVERS MINISTRY AREA meeting on Wednesday, June 10th at 6pm at St John’s Waterloo

On Wednesday, June 10th at 6pm at St John’s Waterloo, Pastor André Lavergne, Assistant to the National Bishop, will be at the speaker our meeting. He will help us to prepare for this July’s ELCIC convention in Edmonton. All delegates are urged to take advantage of Pastor André’s generosity, but all members of our ministry area are encouraged to attend as we all need to be informed about the ministry of our national church and seek opportunities to support and participate in it. We have invited members of our neighbouring ministry areas, as well, to this gathering. It will a potluck! Please bring your favourite potluck dish to share with others!

TWO RIVERS MINISTRY AREA meeting on Tuesday May 5th 7pm at St. Peters in Linwood (1046 Gordon Hain St, Linwood ON N0B 2A0)

TWO RIVERS MINISTRY AREA meeting on Tuesday May 5th 7pm at St. Peters in Linwood (1046 Gordon Hain St, Linwood ON N0B 2A0). Pastor Mark and members of St Peter’s are looking forward to meeting members of this Two Rivers family! Our agenda includes a presentation by Pastor Shirley Ruller. She will share information on how we (lay and clergy) can most effectively visit our members, who are living with dementia.


Two Rivers Ministry Area will meet at St Peters, Linwood on Tuesday May 5th at 7pm

The congregation of St Peters, Linwood and Pastor Mark invite members of Two Rivers Ministry Area on Tuesday May 5th 7pm to St. Peters in Linwood (1046 Gordon Hain St, Linwood ON N0B 2A0).

A tentative agenda is being developed. Pastor Shirley Ruller will be the main presenter, sharing information on how we (lay and clergy) can most effectively visit our members, who are living with dementia. This is, of course, a concern for all. There may be folks in your congregation, who would benefit from taking part. Please encourage them to attend. No further commitment is required, although aim is to involve as many as possible in our ministries.

Prayers Needed!

Dear friends,

A granddaughter of an active member of our Two Rivers Ministry Area is struggling with very serious health concerns. I have received a permission from the grandmother to share this with you. We are asking your prayers for this family – for this child who is in pain and suffers from many and various problems, for her mother who is patiently and faithfully looking after all the needs of her child as only she is able, for the father and sister of the this child who are trying to maintain some normalcy in their lives and at the same time be together as a family and for the grandmother, supporting her daughter and granddaughter with all strength and love that she has. Please remember them all in your private and public prayers. Please know that the family is appreciative of your prayers.


A SPRING SERIES OF TALKS in St John’s, Waterloo

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Two Rivers Ministry Area’s Lay and Clergy meeting on Tuesday March 17th at 7pm at Christ, Waterloo

Liberated from what? Liberated for what? These questions rise up in response to the Lutheran World Federation’s theme for 2015 “Salvation is Not for Sale” related to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. Jackie Nunns will engage us all in interactive conversation, freeing up the answers within us. We will also learn about the ministry done by and through our host congregation, Christ, Waterloo. Please come and take part. Bring a carload or two! We will be meeting at Christ (445 Anndale Rd, Waterloo 519-885-4050) on March 17th at 7pm. Green coloured clothing optional!

Waterloo Lutheran Seminary Welcomes High-School Students to Complete their Volunteer Hours

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Please RSVP by March 9th – click here



Two Rivers Clergy visited by Bishop Pryse and Pastor Hepomäki Jan 21, 2015

2 Rivers pastors  (2) Two Rivers Leaders with Bishop

Bishop Pryse and Pastor Hepomäki visited the clergy of Two Rivers Ministry Area on Wednesday Jan 21st.

Our hopes as a church grow when we function as one body.  These visits by Bishop Mike and his assistants, Pastor Riitta and Pastor Doug, help close the distance between area congregations and our synod.  As we seek to work more cooperatively as congregation so do we seek that same unity of function with the Eastern Synod.  And the best part, as you can see, is that we have fun, learning and worshipping!  So, we say, yet again,  “Come and see!” Come and share in the good news of Jesus Christ!