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Wading in the Water – March 2017


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Deacon Scott led #KAIROS #BLANKET EXERCISE at Two Rivers Ministry Area. He tailored our use of it to reflect what happened in our community. As the blankets are pulled away and we scurry to find a place to stay, the experience of the First Nations people is demonstrated.  It is a powerful tool in our efforts to develop right relationships. Thanks to Deacon Scott and all who participated! #myELCIC #ESynodELCICIMG_20160423_134848 IMG_20160423_135108 IMG_20160423_141200


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Blanket Exercise with Deacon Scott on Saturday April 23rd 1pm at St Matthew’s, Conestogo

BLANKET EXERCISE WITH DEACON SCOTT – The Blanket Exercise is an experiential activity that explores the 500-year relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island. Deacon Scott has modified it for our context of Two Rivers. All are welcome – young and old, members and non-members. Lets learn together and work toward reconciliation. St Matthew’s, Conestogo is hosting us and promised to have a pot of hot coffee available on Saturday April 23rd, 1pm! #ESynodELCIC #myELCICIMG_0548

BLANKET EXERCISE WITH DEACON SCOTT – Saturday April 23rd, 1pm at St Matthew’s Conestogo!

Lets get together and explore the consequences of the Doctrine of Discovery, which enabled the explorers from Europe to “discover” lands already inhabited and to view the inhabitants as less than themselves, and understand for ourselves why the ELCIC repudiated this doctrine at the Assembly 2015. We determined as a church to seek right relationships with our aboriginal sisters and brothers.

This exercise will reach all ages – young and old – our youth groups, Confirmands, and Sunday School classes, seniors, women’s groups, church councils, study groups and individual members. All wishing to follow Christ more closely will find this exercise rewarding.

So, come and see, as Jesus issues the invitation!

IMG_0548It is a wonderful opportunity for us all.

I promise, St Matthew’s hospitality has always been fabulous! I just know that the goodies will be totally awesome!


St. Matthew’s Prayer Shawl Ministry

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For the last several years, our Prayer Shawl Ministry has provided comfort and support for hundreds of adults and children through a variety of gifts — prayer shawls, prayer blankets, chemo caps, baby caps for newborns as well as preemies, pneumonia vests for children, teddy bears, adult hats for OOTC and even knitted shrouds for the little ones who have died before their birth.   Every few months, we bless these items during our Sunday morning worship service.

Our women meet each Wednesday afternoon over coffee and refreshments.   We begin with prayer and are mindful of the ones (both known and unknown) that will receive our gifts.   Our prayer shawls and other items have travelled around the world.

Anyone is welcome to join!  No experience necessary.  We will be happy to teach you!


St Matthew’s Conestogo calls attention to murdered aboriginal women

St. Matthew’s will be ringing its church bells each evening St Matthewsat 6:00 pm, beginning Wednesday, May 3, to draw attention to the many aboriginal women that have been murdered over the last several years. Since 1980, 1017 women and girls have been murdered and another 164 have been classified as missing. We will ring our bells 85 times each day for 14 days.

Please hold the families of these women in your hearts and in your prayers.

TWO RIVERS MINISTRY AREA meeting on Wednesday, June 10th at 6pm at St John’s Waterloo

On Wednesday, June 10th at 6pm at St John’s Waterloo, Pastor André Lavergne, Assistant to the National Bishop, will be at the speaker our meeting. He will help us to prepare for this July’s ELCIC convention in Edmonton. All delegates are urged to take advantage of Pastor André’s generosity, but all members of our ministry area are encouraged to attend as we all need to be informed about the ministry of our national church and seek opportunities to support and participate in it. We have invited members of our neighbouring ministry areas, as well, to this gathering. It will a potluck! Please bring your favourite potluck dish to share with others!

TWO RIVERS MINISTRY AREA meeting on Tuesday May 5th 7pm at St. Peters in Linwood (1046 Gordon Hain St, Linwood ON N0B 2A0)

TWO RIVERS MINISTRY AREA meeting on Tuesday May 5th 7pm at St. Peters in Linwood (1046 Gordon Hain St, Linwood ON N0B 2A0). Pastor Mark and members of St Peter’s are looking forward to meeting members of this Two Rivers family! Our agenda includes a presentation by Pastor Shirley Ruller. She will share information on how we (lay and clergy) can most effectively visit our members, who are living with dementia.


Two Rivers Ministry Area will meet at St Peters, Linwood on Tuesday May 5th at 7pm

The congregation of St Peters, Linwood and Pastor Mark invite members of Two Rivers Ministry Area on Tuesday May 5th 7pm to St. Peters in Linwood (1046 Gordon Hain St, Linwood ON N0B 2A0).

A tentative agenda is being developed. Pastor Shirley Ruller will be the main presenter, sharing information on how we (lay and clergy) can most effectively visit our members, who are living with dementia. This is, of course, a concern for all. There may be folks in your congregation, who would benefit from taking part. Please encourage them to attend. No further commitment is required, although aim is to involve as many as possible in our ministries.