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Two Rivers meeting at St John’s Waterloo on Jan 17, 2017

Leadership Team of Two Rivers Ministry Area – an awesome team! #ESynodELCIC #myELCIC


Welcome Pastor David!

FullSizeRender 9FullSizeRender 8FullSizeRender 10FullSizeRender 7Rev David Malina was installed as the pastor of Christ Lutheran Church, Waterloo. We celebrate with our sisters and brothers from Christ Waterloo the ministry they now share with Pastor David. Blessings friends!;VKogCan7bhatOUNjf53AGTJPdqaD4gaRsoCw7A~;jJTsEHtAyZR4ERiGFxkdA6RzLIAmUBB2KazAqGVAmMtKhxcCjR6GHnE~_s5KiWT8gz7W0aL2P8bWx6AoyAgx9jG~_KRf~_mfCWGEmdJouRw7JErFudNSekP8A4yahiSK2yUOgExMJ6O6mFIJoXFlLSzqcMtpxSAWuCMUk6Jgjl~;5vKiqdKcwJzRXCExf03L9Ss5p9ljGEW3KQH7vV4~_Rl4GpJhy3pTWaSqXTbVG2LVViim6IQ8jCNyElzelcjaXQXMOt2cBJHZihWHs69E2gBilm4y5ZA9rCOsFpodxlapfyS0jAC9HV9g0pf0InBR1lN3pkYcliZJ3611zdHZ2UXNS13WbTuo8qY7JQ4QnFXgvyfcSDsBYgjxk88BJyTupTk2JbuYR7uOFR9c6wqwYUOI~_gmMTSuMprYJSPsKyeerHisAZ4Mran6YsCZePYXy3FXO4uQ8Ip2087TpjrpRN9WBzFBYYe2jOoNScbqckWdIqAGrX8AGRum6Hwc19~;9qXWNBtO16UMbG5j7A118j0eWm87FwGdNTq8Dltc4bs2EvxNdw5bdHd3Oz22h~;7UMqxaTiHP1PQ42xTjA2WIA~_~_7LKLZTP1C~;vNFxVYNl9lJ3RoL2OUXmYqWBR~;h47CGrjsRIltSSHCdYtVCs3h57f9Cy~_eqZPRMnkU7TfeSzKxvnjIP4aKgLGZNqZI~;AcZE5l~_.bps.a.1931523477079624.1073741880.1580794112152564/1931616937070278/?type=3&theater

Concert at St James Elmira on Sun Jan 29th 2pm – benefitting refugees still in camps


St James St Jacobs celebrates 150th Anniversary! May God continue to bless your ministry!

Blessed 150th Anniversary to our sisters and brothers at St James St Jacobs! It is good for us all to reflect on Bishop Pryse’s message of looking ahead and pondering what legacy we are leaving! This has truly been a Sunday of all things Re-formationfullsizerender-7 fullsizerender-7a fullsizerender-8 fullsizerender-9

Thank you Youth and Young Adult Ministries!

TRMA folks excited tonight to receive useful gift bags from Youth and Young Adult Ministries! Anxious to take them to their congregations and to share with all. Grateful for materials, which will enable us to participate more knowledgeably in the process of reconciliation with First Nations folks. Thank You Youth & Young Adult Ministries! @MichaelPryse @pastorjcrouse #myELCIC #ESynodELCICfullsizerender

Two Rivers Clergy meets with Bishop Pryse and Pastor Doug

Thank you, Bishop @MichaelPryse and Pastor @DouglasReble for your leadership! Two Rivers Clergy had an encouraging, supportive, and humour/hope-filled meeting discussing theology, ministry and mission, partnership and Re-formation #myELCIC #ESynodELCIC

Our greeting and big thank you to Bishops’ Company for the collegial opportunity and time to reflect together #myELCIC #ESynodELCICscreen-shot-2016-10-18-at-3-46-05-pm

A Local Play about Blowing the Whistle on a Water-Safety Crisis – Christ Lutheran Church, Waterloo

A Local Play about Blowing the Whistle on a Water-Safety Crisis

Many of us remember incidents of severe water contamination in Grassy Narrows, Walkerton, and Elmira, Ontario, and in Flint, Michigan. Do you also remember how some municipal and provincial or state authorities and local businesspersons tried to cover up the dangers to residents’ health? That’s what the next theatre production by Christ Church Waterloo is all about: environmental and moral responsibility.

On November 10th-12th @ 8 pm Christ Players presents in the sanctuary Richard Walsh’s adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s original 1882 drama, An Enemy of the People. Richard has set the play in Canada 2016, abbreviated it, modernized the language, and incorporated audience participation. As well, after each performance audience members can participate in group discussion about the issues the play raises.

In the play the main character, “Dr. Thomas Stockmann,” who is his town’s Medical Officer of Health, discovers that the source of water for the town and its new healing baths is dangerous to use. He sets out to overcome cowardice and deception by the powers-that-be in the face of this crisis in public health. Despite his political naiveté, Thomas bravely challenges the town’s status quo for what he believes is the greater good. However, like all the characters in the play, he has personal flaws that make his attempts to resolve the dangers to his community difficult to achieve.

Tickets ($15 for adults, $10 for students) may be ordered in advance from the church office @ 519-885-4050. Seating, which is general admission, is limited to 100 per performance. (As this production contains some coarse language, it’s suitable for students from Grade 7 onwards.) All proceeds will be directed to the church’s community-outreach programmes.

Barnyard RoundUp! – VBS 2016 at Faith, Fergus-Elora and St James, Fergus

St James Anglican and Faith Lutheran in Fergus-Elora, Ontario have hosted Vacation Bible School together for 6 years! Lots of planning, preparation, and cooperation have gone to each of those VBS weeks … for the benefit of the whole surrounding community. And lots of great friendships, mutual support, and encouragement of each other’s ministry have happened as well. Thank God for good neighbours! ‪#‎myELCIC‬ ‪#‎ESynodELCIC‬ _DSC5790 _DSC5802 IMG_3100 _DSC5662

Congratulations Rev Dr Paul Gibson and Rev André Lavergne and thank you for your faithful ministry!

Lutherans, Anglicans Name 2016 Companion Of The Worship Arts Recipients

In the continuing spirit of full communion, the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 Companion of the Worship Arts (CWA).

The CWA is awarded every two years in recognition of significant contributions to the worship life of both churches. Since 2014, one Anglican and one Lutheran recipient receive the honour, recognizing ongoing inspiration and encouragement to others, and service to God, through worship, spirituality and the arts.

This year’s Anglican recipient is the Reverend Dr. Paul Gibson. As the leading force behind the development of the Book of Alternative Services, from its inception through its completion, distribution, and use, the Rev. Gibson is widely recognized as one of the most influential figures in transforming the worship life of the Anglican Church of Canada—influencing generations of Anglican leaders, preachers, musicians, and worshippers from coast to coast to coast through his commitment to liturgical renewal and reform. As a member of the Hymn Book Task Force, the Rev. Gibson helped develop Common Praise for the Anglican Church of Canada, channelling his passion and energy into a dynamic tool for engaging worshippers in their experience of God through poetry, hymnody, music, and art.

Through his work as a teacher, scholar, university chaplain, chief liturgical officer for the Anglican Church of Canada, and liturgical coordinator for the Anglican Consultative Council, the Rev. Gibson has left an indelible impact on the worship patterns of Canadian and international Anglicans and Christians. By coordinating the best talent and scholarship in the Anglican Church of Canada and drawing upon the ecumenical work of the liturgical movement, the Rev. Gibson produced foundational texts that have shaped the belief of Anglicans for more than 30 years, offering new ways of worship and prayer that nevertheless remain consistent with the church’s heritage. His work and dedication embody and have equipped many to experience and fulfill the Anglican ethos of lex orandi, lex credendi—as we pray, so we believe.

This year’s Lutheran recipient is Reverend André Lavergne from Two Rivers Ministry Area. Rev. Lavergne’s contributions to worship and the arts in the ELCIC, from local parishes to the international worship community, are extensive, influential, and continuing. His involvement began early, providing leadership and vision to the beginning of worship discussions and activities in the newly formed ELCIC. That work included establishing biennial National Worship Conferences; discussions on communion of the baptized and its adoption by the ELCIC in the Statement on Sacramental Practices; serving as ELCIC representative on the Consultation on Common Texts and development of the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) and resources; supporting implementation of the RCL in the ELCIC by developing the comprehensive resource Gathered for Worship that provided musical and liturgical resources for each Sunday and festival of the three-year lectionary; before most others, heralding computers and email for worship communication and establishing the “Lift Up Your Hearts” website at; and establishing the Companion of the Worship Arts as a national honour.

Rev. Lavergne has served in various capacities on National and Synodical worship working groups, including National Staff for worship, and on many ecumenical worship committees. He was an ELCIC representative throughout the Renewing Worship process toward the development of Evangelical Lutheran Worship and its introduction in the ELCIC. He has written and facilitated the creation of numerous articles and essays on concerns, issues and continuing renewal of worship in the church. Rev. Lavergne now serves the ELCIC as Assistant to the National Bishop—Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations, and resides in Kitchener-Waterloo.

The CWA awards will be presented by ELCIC National Bishop Susan Johnson and ACC Archbishop Fred Hiltz at the 2016 National Worship Conference “FORMATION & REFORMATION: Worship, Justice and God’s Mission,” which will take place from July 24-27, 2016 at Wilfrid Laurier University in Kitchener-Waterloo. For more details, visit


The folks of Faith, Fergus-Elora, offered their annual community chicken bbq supper in support of their ministry.  When we work together, others see, as well, our love for each other. Hopefully, they are encouraged by our love in Christ to look deeper into their own need for faith. The smiling welcome others receive is the one Christ invites us to give all strangers. It is the one that returns more than our cost to us. Funds received to support our ministries are signs of the greater riches we receive.  So, let us be people in mission for others, using all avenues available to us. Blessings to all TRMA congregations in their outreach!
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