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Christ Waterloo presents: “A Christmas Carol”

A professional production in all but name, A Christmas Carol is presented Thu Dec 7 thru Sat Dec 9th at 7:30 pm at Christ Lutheran Church, 445 Anndale Rd, Waterloo, ON

Join us as we kick off the 50th Year Celebration at Christ Lutheran Church

Please join us at 10am as we kick off a year of celebrations and special events! Bishop Michael Pryce of the Eastern Canada Synod will be attending!

Wading in the Water – March 2017


Click -HERE- for the March 2017 edition.

Lent 2017 Midweek Schedule at Christ Lutheran

Lent 2017

“Paying Attention…”

Wednesdays at 7 pm for Evening Prayer & Topical Focus


Wed. March 8 @ Christ Lutheran Church

 Paying Attention to God through Meditation with Rev. Julia Gill


Wed. March 15 @ St. Columba Anglican Church

Paying Attention to Our Friends in Lutheran & Roman Catholic Churches

during this 500th Anniversary Year of the Reformation with Rev. David Malina


Wed. March 22 @ Christ Lutheran Church

Paying Attention to Our Indigenous Neighbours

through the “Blanket Exercise” with Deacon Scott Knarr


Wed. March 29 @ St. Columba Anglican Church

Paying Attention to God in Serving Those on the Margins with Rev. Michael Hackbusch


Wed. April 5 @ Christ Lutheran Church

Paying Attention to Creation in Caring for Water with Henriette Thompson



Christ Lutheran Church, 445 Anndale Road, Waterloo, Ontario N2K 2E3          519-885-4050

St. Columba Anglican Church, 250 Lincoln Road, Waterloo, Ontario N2J 2P5    519-884-3681


Two Rivers MA gathers at Christ Waterloo March 20

At 7 pm at Christ Waterloo, we will gather to hear all about the big changes happening to the physical plant of Waterloo Lutheran Seminary beginning in May, explained to us by Rev. Dr. Mark Harris, current Dean of the Seminary. We will also be considering what it means to be in ministry “with”, and not “for” others, specifically relating to our indigenous neighbours, facilitated by Deacon Scott Knarr of Mt. Zion Lutheran. Come for an evening of information, and inspiration!

Pastor Elina leaves TRMA and welcomes Pastor David Malina to the position of Dean!

Pastor David of Christ, Waterloo has been appointed the new dean of the Two Rivers Ministry Area, following Pastor Elina’s resignation.

She has accepted a 3 years appointment as intentional interim pastor of the South Grey Bruce Lutheran Parish, a family of 3 congregations (St. Matthew, Mildmay, St. Paul, Neustadt and St. Paul, Normanby).

The people and congregations of the TRMA are eager to build on their relationships established with the implementation of the areas. Our history is short, but is one of concern for others, including those on whose land we reside. We seek reconciliation with them. #myELCIC #ESynodELCIC

Pastor David is welcomed by us. We look forward to his leadership and our shared ministry! Give us joy, we pray, in serving.

fullsizeoutput_6f34Signing off, Pastor Elina



Welcome Pastor David!

FullSizeRender 9FullSizeRender 8FullSizeRender 10FullSizeRender 7Rev David Malina was installed as the pastor of Christ Lutheran Church, Waterloo. We celebrate with our sisters and brothers from Christ Waterloo the ministry they now share with Pastor David. Blessings friends!;VKogCan7bhatOUNjf53AGTJPdqaD4gaRsoCw7A~;jJTsEHtAyZR4ERiGFxkdA6RzLIAmUBB2KazAqGVAmMtKhxcCjR6GHnE~_s5KiWT8gz7W0aL2P8bWx6AoyAgx9jG~_KRf~_mfCWGEmdJouRw7JErFudNSekP8A4yahiSK2yUOgExMJ6O6mFIJoXFlLSzqcMtpxSAWuCMUk6Jgjl~;5vKiqdKcwJzRXCExf03L9Ss5p9ljGEW3KQH7vV4~_Rl4GpJhy3pTWaSqXTbVG2LVViim6IQ8jCNyElzelcjaXQXMOt2cBJHZihWHs69E2gBilm4y5ZA9rCOsFpodxlapfyS0jAC9HV9g0pf0InBR1lN3pkYcliZJ3611zdHZ2UXNS13WbTuo8qY7JQ4QnFXgvyfcSDsBYgjxk88BJyTupTk2JbuYR7uOFR9c6wqwYUOI~_gmMTSuMprYJSPsKyeerHisAZ4Mran6YsCZePYXy3FXO4uQ8Ip2087TpjrpRN9WBzFBYYe2jOoNScbqckWdIqAGrX8AGRum6Hwc19~;9qXWNBtO16UMbG5j7A118j0eWm87FwGdNTq8Dltc4bs2EvxNdw5bdHd3Oz22h~;7UMqxaTiHP1PQ42xTjA2WIA~_~_7LKLZTP1C~;vNFxVYNl9lJ3RoL2OUXmYqWBR~;h47CGrjsRIltSSHCdYtVCs3h57f9Cy~_eqZPRMnkU7TfeSzKxvnjIP4aKgLGZNqZI~;AcZE5l~_.bps.a.1931523477079624.1073741880.1580794112152564/1931616937070278/?type=3&theater

A Local Play about Blowing the Whistle on a Water-Safety Crisis – Christ Lutheran Church, Waterloo

A Local Play about Blowing the Whistle on a Water-Safety Crisis

Many of us remember incidents of severe water contamination in Grassy Narrows, Walkerton, and Elmira, Ontario, and in Flint, Michigan. Do you also remember how some municipal and provincial or state authorities and local businesspersons tried to cover up the dangers to residents’ health? That’s what the next theatre production by Christ Church Waterloo is all about: environmental and moral responsibility.

On November 10th-12th @ 8 pm Christ Players presents in the sanctuary Richard Walsh’s adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s original 1882 drama, An Enemy of the People. Richard has set the play in Canada 2016, abbreviated it, modernized the language, and incorporated audience participation. As well, after each performance audience members can participate in group discussion about the issues the play raises.

In the play the main character, “Dr. Thomas Stockmann,” who is his town’s Medical Officer of Health, discovers that the source of water for the town and its new healing baths is dangerous to use. He sets out to overcome cowardice and deception by the powers-that-be in the face of this crisis in public health. Despite his political naiveté, Thomas bravely challenges the town’s status quo for what he believes is the greater good. However, like all the characters in the play, he has personal flaws that make his attempts to resolve the dangers to his community difficult to achieve.

Tickets ($15 for adults, $10 for students) may be ordered in advance from the church office @ 519-885-4050. Seating, which is general admission, is limited to 100 per performance. (As this production contains some coarse language, it’s suitable for students from Grade 7 onwards.) All proceeds will be directed to the church’s community-outreach programmes.

TRMA Leadership Team visits Christ Waterloo

Lots of going on at Christ, Waterloo! Great to see an active, worshipping community that does not shy away from the complexities of life and ministry but aims to be a faithful followers of Jesus Christ in all circumstances! God bless you! IMG_3726 IMG_3727 IMG_3725

TWO RIVERS MINISTRY AREA meeting on Wednesday, June 10th at 6pm at St John’s Waterloo

On Wednesday, June 10th at 6pm at St John’s Waterloo, Pastor André Lavergne, Assistant to the National Bishop, will be at the speaker our meeting. He will help us to prepare for this July’s ELCIC convention in Edmonton. All delegates are urged to take advantage of Pastor André’s generosity, but all members of our ministry area are encouraged to attend as we all need to be informed about the ministry of our national church and seek opportunities to support and participate in it. We have invited members of our neighbouring ministry areas, as well, to this gathering. It will a potluck! Please bring your favourite potluck dish to share with others!