BLANKET EXERCISE WITH DEACON SCOTT – Saturday April 23rd, 1pm at St Matthew’s Conestogo!

Lets get together and explore the consequences of the Doctrine of Discovery, which enabled the explorers from Europe to “discover” lands already inhabited and to view the inhabitants as less than themselves, and understand for ourselves why the ELCIC repudiated this doctrine at the Assembly 2015. We determined as a church to seek right relationships with our aboriginal sisters and brothers.

This exercise will reach all ages – young and old – our youth groups, Confirmands, and Sunday School classes, seniors, women’s groups, church councils, study groups and individual members. All wishing to follow Christ more closely will find this exercise rewarding.

So, come and see, as Jesus issues the invitation!

IMG_0548It is a wonderful opportunity for us all.

I promise, St Matthew’s hospitality has always been fabulous! I just know that the goodies will be totally awesome!